Absolut IT, LLC is a full-service technology consulting firm providing innovative strategy, design, and development services. Since 1997 we have been perfecting our practice based on ethical and innovative technology and design consulting.

Trust us for all of your IT needs. Our services include:

  • Basic Computer/Server setup and deployment
  • Custom built PC’s
  • Industry standard low voltage wiring
    • Telephony, POTS, and IP-based
    • Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6 cabling
    • Cable TV (FIOS, CaTV, OTA, and Satellite)
    • Home Audio and Video
    • Distributed Audio
    • Closed Circuit Television
  • Hardware & Software troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring & Administration
  • Corporate Anti-Virus & VPN Needs
  • Cloud Storage and Automated Backup
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Smart Hands Solutions