As technology advances and becomes more affordable, it also becomes more accessible to small- to medium-sized business owners. Automating your business processes can provide a number of benefits. Depending on the type and level of automation you choose, there can be a number of short- and long-term benefits, including a greater sense of control over your business.

Secure Access
Security should be a concern for any business owner, and it starts at the front door. It may not always possible to personally oversee access to your store, office or facility, but as the owner, you can still control who enters and exits. A common practice for business owners is to provide one or more employees with keys to their location but this has the potential to create security issues. Even the best-intentioned business owner can make a mistake. A key given in good faith can be copied without your knowledge or permission, leaving you vulnerable to unscrupulous or disgruntled employees, ex-employees and other unauthorized visitors. One way to avoid this issue is to use a “smart” lock. Smart locks allow business owners to lock and unlock doors and monitor who accesses their business using a smartphone, tablet or computer. As the owner, you hold on to the physical key and give employees and other authorized visitors a code that allows them entry. Some smart locks allow for temporary codes for delivery and repair people. Access codes can be logged creating a record of anyone and everyone who unlocks your door.

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Tech Talk: Smart Locks
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