I know you’ve probably heard it before, you need antivirus protection even on your mobile devices. It’s so brow beaten in and some people just tend to ignore it. Let me share a little incident that happened the other day, I will exclude their names for their privacy.

The one individual had sent private photos via text message to the other person, pictures they’d prefer nobody else have. The person they sent them to would absolutely keep them in private however that person did not have antivirus protection on their cell phone, at some point that person’s cell phone got a virus, we’re not sure if the virus was remotely controlled by a hacker or was acting upon it’s own programming but it preceded to send pictures from their phone to other people in their contacts. Unfortunately the other individual’s photos were some of those pictures that were sent out. We’re not sure who got what pictures currently, I received photos of that person’s dogs. The individual who entrusted the photos to the other received their own photos back via text message making them suspect that the other individual was sharing the photos. A fight between then ensued. That individual consulted with us and I was able to remove the virus from their phone and patch up the security flaw. However the damage may have already been done. So next time someone is reminding you that you need Antivirus protection heed their warnings even on your smart phone they are a necessity. Hackers and malicious malcontents are out there and you need to safeguard yourself.

The importance of virus protection.
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